DANSOFT was established in 1989, initially focusing on defense and high-tech contracts.

Dansoft's Corporate Management System (DCMS) includes ERP, CRM, MRP, HR, Payroll, Health Care, Agri-production, Web solutions and other modules, catering for different types of companies and business needs.

Though DCMS is applicable to various vertical markets, the first vertical market it focused on was fresh produce, where DCMS is still one of the leading systems used by both small and multi-national companies at a variety of industries including floriculture, vegetables, plantations, field crops, packhouses and agricultural input providers.

DCMS is customizeable to any customer, new features becoming part of the standard off-the-shelf system. With every new implementation, previous customers enjoy new features free of charge and enjoy a growing number of new modules they may acquire to their existing system.

A great emphasis is given to simplicity of use, rapid data entry, maximal automation and focused analysis and reports. Large companies find DCMS an ideal tool of implementing company policies and allowing senior management reliable information and immediate access to all source documents.

Dansoft's policy of fixed price quotations for software, customizations and follow-up support allows clients to seek the optimal solution without fear of escalating IT budgets.