Agricultural management systems
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DCMS is a popular agricultural management software, used by small and large companies to manage a wide variety of crops. It has configurations ideal for labor-intensive as well as capital-intensive companies. It serves It is used , crops management, human resources, machinery, accounts, payroll, maintenance, workshop, sales and so forth. Smaller farms have a configuration ideal for them, where implementation is rapid and inexpensive, while larger companies may find useful the ability to plan and monitor a large workforce, large working capital etc.

Automated and semi-automated data entry exist throughout the system to facilitate capturing data of all relevant aspects.
Useful information and analysis is immediately available, using a very simple to use report writer.

DANSOFT's Agro-ERP systems

D C M S - THE Agro-technical Management System

All in one integrated system


Professional -

Precision farming, chemical analysis, pest monitoring, tests & field - experiments, fertigation, yields analysis, machinery, maintenance, integrated warehouse management, optional interfaces to controllers.

Administrative -

Personnel records, daily and piece rate labour, quantity & quality based incentives, supervisor-worker and supervisor-field analysis, disciplinary issues - absenteeism and presence with attendance bonus schemes

Economic -

Multiple currencies and bank accounts, various marketing schemes, economic reports in foreign currency, inflation adjusted reports, automatic consolidation over multiple sites and business units even if in different countries, tailored to national statutory requirements.

Technology -

DCMS's superior software technology enables the usage of standard affordable hardware and networking, easily supported even in remote areas. Integrated maps, graphs and analysis reports, connectivity to standard office software and many more features critical for most agricultural businesses. Future options for e-commerce marketing.



Below: Beds of a rose greenhouse.


Below: August (partial) & September 1999 - cost, man-days & no. of stems cut per variety.


Additional documents

DCMS is configurable for both very small and very large businesses.
Please request Dansoft for information specifically applicable to your needs.

dcmseng.exe - Self extracting Win 95/98 agri-production dcms English manual (1,024 KB)

dcms_doc.exe - An overview of Dansoft's scalable Agricultural ERP systems (about 500 KB).
"dcms_doc.exe" gives an overview of the overall solution Dansoft offers agri/food- businesses. After extracting the word documents from "dcms_doc.exe" open the document "de_arc.doc", and from there jump to additional documents by clicking the hyperlinks.

de_farm.exe - Farm / Estate management system (about 1,500 KB).
"de_farm.exe" is a self-extracting compression of de_farm.doc - the brochure on the estate management system, which is one of the hyper links from "de_arc.doc".

DCMS_SBS.doc - Small Business Solutions (SBS) (164,352 bytes)
DCMS_SBI.doc - SBS screen images (1,853,952 bytes)
DCMS_SBS.pps - SBS PowerPoint show (2,837,504 bytes)
DCMS_Agri_Production.pps - DCMS Agricultural Production system (2,851,328 bytes)