Dansoft DCMS is an affordable ERP system, customized to provide an optimal IT system to each and every client.
The process of meeting client needs begins when a potential client wishes to learn more about DCMS. Dansoft will provide industry-specific material about DCMS and how DCMS can meet your specific requirements.
Through the sample modules and applications below, we wish to demonstrate our ability to cater for most types of operations and at affordable costs applicable to any size of business.

The modules listed here are but a sampler of the full suite offered by DCMS.
The complete suit covers additional industries like Medical Benefits / Insurance management, where key modules include member services, group services, provider services, claims processing etc. as well as additional technologies like ITS (Information Transport System) - a custom-tailored data-replication tool that offers significant advantages to distributed organizations such as retail chains who require their outlets / stores to operate as 'islands' over a local server. Under this business model, if the remote outlet gets disconnected from the Internet or Intranet, it can still operate off its local network, but as soon as connection is re-established ITS will resume 'real-time' data replication. Unlike night-run batch synchronization processes, ITS is normally operated during business hours, and unlike database replication tools, it can incorporate business logic, is affordable, resilient and easy to manage.