Support - Remote support is provided free of charge as part of the license agreement, through phone, email, fax, VPN, PC-Anywhere etc. On-site support is available at an additional cost.

Updates - Updates include features initiated by the client itself or other users of DCMS. Sub-version updates are always provided free of charge as part of the license agreement. If the operating system or underlying database are changed or if a main version is released, this may require an update at an additional cost.

Customizations - Dansoft usually does not charge for customization of purchased modules, even if not defined in the original scope of work. This allows the users to drive the system without management having to worry about cost escalations.
Dansoft retains the right to decide whether or not to meet customization requests, or whether or not quote a cost.

License - DCMS may be used only under license. Licensed users are eligible to certain services without additional costs. A license determines the number of concurrent users and / or instances of remote sessions (such as when working under Terminal Services) and / or DCMS modules such as Report Scheduler (that may consume user-counts).